Real Estate Investment

Whether you have an “extra” house after marrying or otherwise deciding to cohabitate with someone, or you are a full-time real estate investor who flips apartments into condos for fun, we can help you! From setting up your legal entity empire using advanced estate planning (read: asset protection) techniques, to providing you with landlord-friendly leases and other contracts, we will be there for you throughout.

If you have one or more residential rental property, you may be interested to learn how to offer a “lease-option” program, which can help you find higher-quality tenants who will pay you a non-refundable option fee in addition to a security deposit when they move in and who are then extra-motivated to pay rent on time each month. Attorney Ely W. Sluder has been around real estate, and real estate investors, his entire life, and has advised many real estate investors in both Arizona and New Jersey. Each state has requirements that must be met by all landlords, and a failure to comply can be very expensive and may prevent you from evicting your non-paying tenants in a timely manner--See our Landlord and Tenant page for more information.

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