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Sluder Law Firm Terms Conditions

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The terms and conditions set forth herein constitute the full and complete terms and conditions between You, Your heirs, agents, successors and assigns (“You” or “Your”) and Sluder Law Firm. These terms and conditions are to be bound by the terms contained herein is acknowledged by “Your” use of Sluder Law Firm services and/or any Sluder Law Firm software, services, or products that are being made available to “You”.
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“You” agree that Sluder Law Firm may modify these terms and conditions from time to time.
“You” agree to be bound by any changes Sluder Law Firm may make to these terms and conditions as of the date in which such changes are made. “You” agree that Sluder Law Firm shall not be bound by any representations made by third parties who may use to purchase any goods and/or services offered by Sluder Law Firm.


Sluder Law Firm strictly enforces compliance with its acceptable use policy. “You shall agree to the following:

  • “You” agree that “You” will not violate the laws, regulations, ordinances or other such requirements of any applicable Federal, State or local government.
  • “You” agree not to take any action which threatens, encourages or causes any harm to minors of any kind or to perform any activity which is likely to cause such harm or which assists any other person or group in doing so.
  • “You” agree not to make or attempt any unauthorized access to Sluder Law Firm.
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Sluder Law Firm owns all rights, titles and interests in Sluder Law Firm intellectual property, including but not limited to: trade names, service marks, inventions, copyrights, trade secrets, patents and know-how relating to the design, function or operation of plans and of the hardware and software systems and resources necessary to provide the individual service elements of which they consist. These terms and conditions does not constitute a license for you to “You” to use Sluder Law Firm tradenames or service marks. “Your” use of any intellectual property rights and/or Proprietary Information mentioned in these terms and conditions or otherwise owned or licensed by Sluder Law Firm is limited to any classes, services, or products that have been made available to “You”.


Sluder Law Firm may disclose information including, but not limited to, information concerning “You”, via a transmission made through our website, sluderlawfirm.com in order to comply with a valid court order, subpoena, summons, discovery request, warrant, statute, regulation, or governmental request properly served on Sluder Law Firm. If one of the aforementioned documents and/or requests is issued, Sluder Law Firm and/or its attorneys will review such documents to determine their validity prior to taking any action related thereto. “You” agree that Sluder Law Firm may charge “You” a reasonable administrative fee for addressing and responding to any requests and/or any such issues related to “You”. Sluder Law Firm assumes no obligation to inform “You” that “Your” information has been provided and in some cases Sluder Law Firm may be prohibited by law from giving such information. Additionally, Sluder Law Firm may disclose “Your” information or any information that has been transmitted over its website where necessary to protect Sluder Law Firm and others from harm, or where such disclosure is necessary to the proper operation of the Sluder Law Firm system and/or infrastructure.


Sluder Law Firm may without advance notice amend this agreement from time to time and will do so by posting the new agreement on sluderlawfirm.com in place of the old one. Each and every such amendment shall become effective immediately for all pre-existing and future users of Sluder Law Firm.